"We keep your
best interest at
heart and
streamline the
election process  while budgeting your tax dollars 
to benefit 
all of our community."

Paulette A.

Genoa Township Clerk

Our Plan for the Future
We have a good plan in place within our community.  We will continue to subsidize refuse collection, disposal and recycling.  We will continue to financially assist our homeowners with their deteriorating subdivision roads.  We will work on our parks and
recreation program.  We will continue to build bike/walk paths.  More importantly we will continue to preserve our pristine lakes and streams and the clean air we  breathe.  Most importantly we all need to fight to keep fracking out of Michigan.  It doesn’t belong in my back yard and it doesn’t belong in Michigan.  We have much to protect in our Great Lakes and the fight will never end because water is our source of life.


Chuck Koehn - Polly Skolarus worked with me in my effort to have our road
repaved, a project that would not have happened without her guidance and
support.  Polly is accessible, responsive, supportive and energetically helpful.
These are the traits that we value in a public servant and Polly has them all.

Attorney Frank J. Mancuso, Jr. - I am a Livingston County Attorney. I have had
the pleasure of working with Ms. Skolarus several times over my 20 years of 
​practice representing clients in Livingston County. Ms. Skolarus has always
been very timely and responsive in my dealings with the Township. I have also
had the opportunity of working closely with Ms. Skolarus as the Township
attorney. Ms. Skolarus always has the Township’s best interest at heart.  She
will continue to be an excellent Clerk for Genoa Township. I endorse her
without hesitation.

Victor L. Watson - I have lived in Genoa Township since July of 1986. Over the
years I have interfaced professionally with Polly Skolarus many times in areas
of elections, township policies and special board meetings.  I have found her
to be professio
nal, knowledgeable and conservative in all aspects of my contacts
with her.  Polly is one of the most valued employees of the township, and the only person I would consider for township clerk.

Carter and Peggy Hodgson - We urge you to vote for Paulette “Polly” Skolarus, long-time clerk of Genoa Township. As clerk, Paulette Skolarus has worked tirelessly and successfully for 30 years. Her commitment to our growing  

community is evidenced everywhere: sidewalks and bike paths connecting  
our neighborhoods - our Genoa newsletter - our Genoa Township office  
building and adjacent recreation areas – our fire stations – road improvements - and so much more! As clerk, she has directed efficient and honest elections
at every level.  

Best of all, Paulette Skolarus has been key in keeping our Genoa tax rate low.
For all of us, she balances cost with value received. Her steadfast, careful
approach and ability to hold the line on spending is much appreciated!    Yes, experience counts … as well as vision, integrity and honesty. Polly Skolarus has been a gift to our community. Her leadership is beyond reproach. She deserves your vote.
William Rockwell - I have been fortunate to work with Polly in our elections as
both an official and chairman.  Genoa Township could not ask for a better
person to be trusted with this critical cornerstone of our democracy.  As Chair
of the Election Commission, Polly does an excellent job in making sure our elections are run fairly, efficiently and properly.  She really goes out of her way to make herself available with the answers we need.  As a township clerk, we could
​not ask for a more highly qualified and experienced manager of our community’s records, funds and budget.  She keeps a sharp eye on fiscal conservancy, while making sure our community grows the services needed to prosper.   Please give your support to Polly because she has supported our community so very well.


                                Paid for by the committee to re-elect Paulette A. Skolarus
                                                          Genoa Township Clerk

6520 Challis Court Brighton, MI 28116      

30 years of caring for our community