Paulette A. Skolarus 
Genoa Township Clerk

Elections 2016 & F.A.Q.

 Elections & Clerk's Office F.A.Q.

Am I registered to vote and how do I register to vote?
The Michigan Secretary of State's website at can look up your voter registration.  Just fill in your name and date of birth.  This site will also allow you to register on line.   In addition to registering with the Michigan Secreatary of State residents may register with the Office of the Livingston County
Clerk or my office.  The Genoa Township hall is open from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.  (Monday through Friday).  Our address is 2911 Dorr Road, Brighton, MI 48116.  We are located between Grand River Avenue and Challis Road.   Please contact my
office at or call me at (810) 227-5225 for further information.

I want to vote in the next election.  Is there a deadline for registering?
In order to vote in the August 2nd Primary, voters must register no later than July
5, 2016.

Where do I vote?
Voting locations are available on our Elections page

To view the map of polling places within Genoa Township, click on the
map link.  If you register with the Secretary of State or the Livingston
County Clerk's office a voter identification card will be mailed upon receipt
in my office.  If you register personally with my office, and provide a
copy of your driver's license or other identification as requiered by law,
a voter identification card will be printed and handed to you immediately.

Do I need to provide identification to receive a ballot?

State Law requires photo identification to vote in Michigan.  If you are
not in possession of picture identification, you may fill out an affidavit
to that effect.  Note;  Making a false statement in this affidavit is perjury and
punishable by a fine up to $1,000.00 or imprisonment for up to five years,
or both.

What will happen if I lose my voter identification card and they
have no record of my registration at the polls?
My office will be able to assist you.  We will not turn you away from the polls.  We will search all records within the State of Michigan.  Under the law you
may complete an affidavit stating that you did register to vote in time  and
you will be provided with a ballot called a provisional ballot.  Your answers
will determine if your ballot will be immediately tabulated or reviewed for tabulation at a later date. 

What times are the polls open?
The polls are open from 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. on every election date.

How do I obtain an absent voter ballot
if I am not on the automatic list?
No problem.  Applications for voting an absentee ballot for all elections will

be posted on the front page of the Township website two months in advance
of the next scheduled election.  Your application may be faxed to my office at (810) 227-3420.  Residents may also visit the Towship Office during business hours.   Ballots are ususally available six weeks prior to any election.  We will provide you with an application and immediately issue  a ballot upon presentation of your photo identification.

I heard that absent voter ballots are not counted.  Is this true?
Every ballot completed either in my office or at the polls on election day is counted.  For the August 2nd Primary Election two absent voter counting
boards are set up at the township hall.  There will be 20 election officials 
working all day to tabulate your votes.  These poll workers are sequestered
and may not communicate with anyone on the outside.    The process of tabulating your ballot is very restrictive so that no one working these boards
will be able to determine how you personally voted.

While we already have enough workers for the August election,

we can always use more skilled workers. 

If you are interested in serving on election day,
please contact my office at
(810) 227-5225.

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Genoa Township Clerk