Paulette A. Skolarus 
Genoa Township Clerk

Questions & Concerns

​​                      Questions for Genoa Township Clerk, Polly Skolarus

Why do you think you should be re-elected as Clerk in Genoa Township?

The answer is simple. I love this community and I have worked hard for 30 years to keep it beautiful – to retain our rural character and allow
development that doesn’t damage our lakes, our wetlands and our air.  
We need strong environmental protection that ensures clean water and
avoids the mistakes we have learned from others, who filled in wetlands
60 years ago and now suffer from flooding and damage to the natural environment. I will always fight for these rights. I will always fight for your rights as your elected official.

What have you specifically done in your role as Genoa Township Clerk?

There are many duties for a Clerk under law, but the most important is
keeping the records of the township and the election process.  
I have personally managed the following:
  • Registered 3000 voters to receive absent voter applications and ballots for each election
  • Trained 85 election officials who work during the election season
  • Prepared initial budgets for the General Fund, Parks and Recreation Fund, Special Assessment Districts and Future Development Roads with ovesight and final approval from our Township Board
  • Recorded and published the minutes of all meetings of the Township Board
  • Published quarterly newsletters for 30 years - keeping our residents abreast of Township news
  • Initiated and built sidewalks and bike/walk paths within the Township
  • Helped finance subdivision roads by sharing in the cost  - $1000.00 per home or 25% of the cost whichever is less
  • Established a policy under Act 188 for a sharing in the cost of refuse collection, disposal and recycling  

Did you support a tax increase for the repair of township roads?

No, I did not. I approved a tax question for our voters as to whether or
not they would support a tax increase for our township roads.
There was controversy because your office allowed a non-citizen to vote, please explain. 

A couple years ago the State Legislature placed the question “Are you a United States Citizen” on the Application to Vote. Before that time there was no magic list of non-citizens.  A person who registered to vote simply filled out the application. The gentleman who voted in that election felt that he had a right to vote since he was a property owner and he would be paying the taxes related to the question on the ballot.  As a result of that law we found one person in Genoa Township who was not a U.S. citizen.  
There is an issue concerning a voter who was said that they were denied their right to vote in November of 2012.  Please explain.

In 2006 the McQuades registered to vote with the Secretary of State.   In 2012 new voter identification cards were mailed to their home address. The voter identification cards were returned by the U.S. Post office as undeliverable.  When the couple asked to vote in the Presidential Election in 2012 we searched our cancelled files and found their original registration.  Both husband and wife were re-registered and given ballots numbered 350 and 351 and allowed to vote.  I have the original e-mails from Mr. McQuade stating that fact, and that I allowed them to vote.

Your opponent is claiming that the township is deficit spending.  Do you agree?

It is obvious to me that neither my opponent nor Nick Fiani have any understanding of government budgeting.  Genoa Township ended the fiscal year 2016 with a fund balance in excess of five million dollars. Genoa Township is the best run township in the State of Michigan.  We spend your tax dollars
by partially funding refuse collection and disposal.   We financially subsidize
our subdivision roads.  We build bike paths and parks.  We cost share with the Livingston County Road Commission.  We support Howell Area Parks and Recreation, and subsidize SELCRA.  We stand behind our zoning ordinance.
We protect our lakes and streams.  Total property tax income in Genoa Township is a little more than $850,000.00 annually.  We have no debt!!!
I would challenge Fiani and my opponent, who does not own a home in
Genoa Township and does not pay taxes to this community, to explain their rationale.
There are rumors that you are  a Republican in Name Only.  Please respond. 

The Republican Party has moved far to the right in the last few years.  I am a more middle of the road Republican.  I believe that there should be stricter rules governing "clean water".  I am absolutely opposed to fracking and anything that compromises our environment.   I am personally pro-life, but would never take away another person's right to choose.  I believe in social security because I have paid into that fund my whole working life and have earned that benefit.  

Do you like the new legislation that eliminates straight party voting?

I do like our new law that takes away the straight party vote in the General Election. It may be a little inconvenient for voters who were used to the old method and it may lengthen our voting lines, but I will do everything I can
to make sure that does not happen. A person should be elected because 
he/she stands with your values and not necessarily at the dictate of a single party.  I believe this was the goal of our Republican State Legislators when enacting this law. 

Why did you vote for the parking lot repair and new carpet at the township hall?

I believe in preventive maintenance. The parking lot was in terrible condition and I was concerned that someone might trip or fall. We have hundreds of residents and visitors utilizing our recreation area at any given time. This also includes our walking path and township events held on the soccer fields. Heaven forbid something were to happen to a child or someone from our community or a visitor.  My mission is to keep the community safe.  The carpet in the board room is 18 years old and it too needed to be updated. 
Genoa Township is a classy place to live and our office and grounds should be well maintained.

What are your plans for the future of Genoa Township?

We already have a good plan in place within our community.  We will
continue to subsidize refuse collection, disposal and recycling.  We will
continue to financially assist our homeowners with their deteriorating subdivision roads.  We will work on our parks and recreation program.  
We will continue to build bike/walk paths.  More importantly we will
continue to preserve our pristine lakes and streams and the clean air we breathe.  Most importantly we all need to fight to keep fracking out of
Michigan.  It doesn’t belong in my back yard and it doesn’t belong in
Michigan.  We have much to protect in our Great Lakes and the
fight will never end because water is our source of life.

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